just dlicious food.

just dlicious food.




41 West Main St - Montrose, CO - 81401

Look for us parked at Storm King Distilling Co.



It all started when…

a group of us had stayed up late after way too much wine. We were in the kitchen of our rental home in the Napa Valley lamenting the growth in both populous & cost of living to our visiting family from CO. We spoke of how we yearned to take control of our lives and live in an idilic place where we could interweave our passions for food & alcohol. “Non negotiables” included, affordability, local produce, natural beauty & family. Montrose, CO fit the bill perfectly.


Daniel Castillo

Chef D started bussing tables at Barber’s Q in California’s Napa Valley at the age of 16. It wasn’t long after, that the restaurant realized he was better suited for the back of the house. His first taste of the kitchen life was rinsing and peeling vegetables, then helping with salads and other cold preparations before transitioning into the hot stations were his passion and enthusiasm for cooking led him to being named Sous Chef a few years later. Restless by nature Daniel wanted to evolve in his craft and he decided to pursue other food styles to evolve as a chef. Stints at Michelin rated Auberge du Soleil under the guidance of Robert Curry exposed him to modern and classic French techniques. At “Iron Chef’s” Morimoto Napa he gained insight into Japanese cuisine. His experience and drive in the kitchen led to his position as Sous Chef at Archetype in St. Helena were he began experimenting with modern fusion. After a night of too much wine he decide to branch out on his own venture with his brother Alex and his sister in law Michelle.


Alex Castillo

Alex loves food and (insert ANY alcoholic beverage here) and he feels extremely fortunate to be part of DLICIOUSFOODCO along with his wife Michelle and his brother D (whom he nicknamed). He designed our logo and is honored to be responsible for running errands as well as mopping and sweeping the truck when instructed to do so by his wife or brother.